Corvette Road Trip
Traveling America's Roads in America's Sports Car

Let's face it, you are not going to go on an extended journey and not wash your Corvette. For the most part, automatic car washes are not an option. So I take along a small compliment of car wash supplies. my kit includes a collapsable bucket, wash pad, soap, detail spray, microfiber drying towel, microfiber detailing cloths, wheel cleaner and a wheel brush.

I also have some zip lock plastic bags to store anything wet and I have an old pair of boat shoes shoved into a little corner of the trunk.

I would never go through an automatic car wash with my Corvette, but I will stop at a self service. Using the rinse cycle, I will wet down the car and fill my bucket. If my wheels are particularly dirty, I will use the soap cycle for the wheels only. I avoid the soap cycle in the carwash because the soap by the car wash is highly alkaline. I then add my soap to the bucket and hand wash the car with a micro fiber wash pad. I then go back to the rinse cycle and rinse off everything.

I then use my detail spray and a microfiber drying cloth to finish off the cleanup.

I have found that asking the inn keeper or the front desk if they have a hose I can use to clean up the car is usually greeted with not just a hose but sometimes a bucket and towels.

wash_bucketSome of my favorite products for cleaning on the road are Optimum No Rinse Wash and Shine. I put 2 ounces in a bucket of water, wash the car and then dry. There are no streaks and for a quick cleanup it can’t be beat.

For quick detailing my goto product is Bead X detail spray. Of all the detail sprays I’ve used nothing compares. I use it on everything including the windows. And as the name implies, water beads like you just put on a coat of wax.