Corvette Road Trip
Traveling America's Roads in America's Sports Car

There are those that plan a road trip by loading the Vette and heading in a general direction, like west. Others plan their trips step by step, mile by mile, stop by stop. We have put together some resources that will offer both inspiration and guidance for planning your trips. Certainly the internet offers the broadest and most comprehensive set of tools for planning trips. But there are also books and films that can inform, entertain and motivate us.

One thing that has always perplexed me is that most if not all Corvette publications completely ignore Corvette road trips. The magazines go to great length to cover racing, performance, cleaning and detailing, customization, car shows and repairs. Seldom is there mention of driving your Corvette for the pleasure of driving, visiting and exploring our great country.

PA_TourismState Tourist Bureaus are one of the best sources for helping you to locate the interesting, exciting, obscure and sometimes hidden treasures of a particular state. Here, the internet is your friend. To find an official state web site, simply type the two letter abbreviation followed by .gov. So if you are looking for South Dakota, type and you will get to the official state site. There is a good chance that the state’s tourism site is not located on the official state site. I usually use Google and type into the search field the state abbreviation followed by tourism. Examples would be ND Tourism, NM Tourism, CA Tourism and WA Tourism. In most instances, the first or second no paid hit will be the official tourism site for the state. I find the advantage of using the official state tourism site is that it is free and usually not biased by the company or attraction that is willing to spend the most to advertise.

ilovenyMost of the state sites have an area where you can sign up for email notifications of special events that take place throughout the year. You really don’t get enough email do you? Also, there are usually printed materials available for free. You can sign up and indicate the parts of the state you wish to visit, your areas of interest or historical sites you wish to see. They will send you brochures and maps that will be helpful in the planning of your road trip, lodging, meals, points of interest, entertainment natural wonders and historical areas.

Rider I've found that a great source of information is in motorcycle magazines like Rider. Every issue there are two or three in depth "rides." Each article has photos, commentary and a map showing the route taken by the rider. Although I'm not a rider, I subscribe to Rider and look forward to each month's issue. Check them out here.

Another great source is RV sites. Obviously RVers are really into seeing the USA. A great example of what's available in the RV world is "Your RV Lifestyle." It's a blog and here is a sample about the state of Virginia.

We will continue to add items so check back often. If you have a favorite book, film, TV show or website let us know and we’ll include it.