Corvette Road Trip
Traveling America's Roads in America's Sports Car

There you are, standing in the garage, looking at the pile of luggage. Then you look at the space in your Vette and you know it won’t fit. We’ve all been there. Here are some tips on how to get the luggage under control. One of the first things we did was to abandon our “airline” luggage and replace it with “Corvette” luggage–and by Corvette luggage we don’t mean luggage with a logo on it.

Since a road trip doesn’t involve walking down long airport corridors or handing over your luggage to a skycap and baggage handlers, we’ve moved to soft bags without wheels. Our basic kit consists of 4 duffels–two medium and two small. Our small duffels have all the necessary items for an overnight stop. When we have a quick stop-over, we only need to bring those two duffels to our room and not unload the entire car. When we stop for a few days, we then take everything to our room.

We like the duffels because they conform better to the irregular shape of the Corvette luggage compartment. When you choose a duffel, look for the “wide mouth” variety. These have a zippered flap that opens on three sides. Avoid the models that have a zipper that just goes right to left.

I’ve heard people equate packing in a duffels to packing in a trash bag–a big empty space with no organization. To overcome that lack of compartments we use packing cubes to organize the inside of the duffel. They are usually available in sets of varying sizes. You can segregate all your clothes and never loose even a sock.

Because we sometimes like to treat ourselves to a special meal or evening when on the road, on outfit that is a little less casual is packed. We only take one and we put in on hangers in a thin garment bag. We share this bag as it has very little in it. I also put the plastic from the dry cleaners over each item. This allows the clothes to move and they do not wrinkle. I always pack the garment bag first. In our C6 convertible it is the first item in the trunk, as far forward as possible, under the top.

To limit the amount of clothing we take on a road trip, we tend to operate with two rules. One is that we will always be seeing new people and therefor there is no need for a vast wardrobe. The second is to work around colors and styles that can be mixed and matched. Don’t bring that one outfit that requires lots of special accessories.