Corvette Road Trip
Traveling America's Roads in America's Sports Car

  • The Kancamagus HighwayiStock_000008656049KancamagusThe Kancamagus Highway is a 34.5 mile scenic drive along NH's Rt. 112 in Northern New Hampshire that is well known as one of the best Fall Foliage viewing areas in the country. The Kancamagus Highway is now designated an American Scenic Byway for it's rich history, aesthetic beauty and culture. Although the fall is when most people want to visit the Kanc, spring and summer offer the advantage of it being less crowded.
  • default_title The road was officially opened as the Kancamagus Highway in 1959. The completed road started as two small town roads, one in Lincoln, the other in Passaconaway. Along the 35 mile drive, there are no gas stations, no motels, no restaurants or any other business. Be sure to fuel up before starting the trip. There are plenty of places to park to get great photos or to just enjoy the scenery. Restaurants and lodging are plentiful in the area. If you plan to visit during the foliage season, you will need to get a reservation early.

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  • default_titleNatchez Trace Parkway
    This 444 mile road is maintained by the National Park Service. Beginning in Natchez Mississippi and ending in Nashville, Tennessee, the parkway follows the Natchez Trace, a footpath that was a migratory path for American Bison. Native Americans followed the traces and improved them as walking trails between villages.
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    The parkway was started in the 1930s by the federal government as one of the many projects of the Civilian Conservation Corps during the Great Depression. The parkway was not completed, in its entirety until 2005. Construction began in 1939.

    On a CRT from Boston to New Orleans to Boston in 2012, we stayed for a few days in Jackson Mississippi. The Natchez Trace goes through Jackson. We took a day trip from Jackson to Natchez via the Parkway. It was on of those trips that is retrospect seemed almost unreal. It is about a 100 mile trip. In that 100 miles, we saw 4 other cars. At one point, we stopped at a particularly beautiful spot where I pulled the Vette of onto the shoulder. To get a really great point of view, I lay down on the double yellow line and shot the road from that perspective. While we were stopped, not a single car came by in either direction.
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  • default_titleTail of the Dragon
    300px-Tail_of_the_Dragon_2This 11 mile stretch of road in Tennessee starting at Deal's Gap. There are 318 curves in that 11 miles. The Dragon is a famous motorcycle destination but many sports cars also come to drive the Dragon. The speed limit was reduced to 30 mph in 2005 and law enforcement is vigorous, to say the least.
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    Many of the curves have name such as Rock Slide Corner, Crud Corner, Killboy Shadetree Corner and Little Whip. Also located along the route are photographers that will take pictures of you and your Corvette and post them on the internet. You can view them and purchase prints.
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  • default_titleBlue Ridge Parkway
    We have traveled the Blue Ridge Parkway numerous times. I still want to do a CRT where we travel the 469 mile length from Rockfish Gap in Virginia to Oconaluftee near Cherokee, North Carolina. The parkway is maintained by the National Park Service but it is not a National Park. Construction took 52 years and was started in 1935.
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    The speed limit is 45 mph and although not a speed that stretches the legs of your Corvette, it is leisurely, scenic , two lane road where straight-aways are few and access is limited. The design of the road takes into account the natural contours of the land. Unlike today's Interstate Highways where mountains are cut, tunnels are bored and bridges span valleys all for making the road as straight as possible, the Blue Ridge Parkway follows the natural path with constant sweeping curves. Even when first built, the idea was that you could maintain a constant speed along the entire route. This is not a "go fast on the straights and brake for the corners" road.
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  • default_titleUS Route 219 in West Virginia
    DSCN0868We stayed overnight in Lewisburg, WV on our way to Newport, TN. Lewisburg is a quaint little town that is home to the General Lewis Inn and Carnegie Hall. Now I know you think that Carnegie Hall is in New York City, but there are actually five Halls that bear the Carnegie name. This is one of the them. We stayed the night in Lewisburg in the General Lewis Inn. It is a well maintained inn decorated with period antiques. We had dinner in the dining room after we walked around and checked out the shops.

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    crnegie_hallAlong with Carnegie Hall, Lewisburg has a number of art galleries. The art ranges from world renowned artists to local craft artisans. Harmony Ridge Gallery has exceptional hand crafted jewelry, pottery and woodwork. Plus, they have a coffee boutique and a wine bar. Harmony_ridge_table

    I punched in our destination in our C6s nav and chose the option to avoid toll roads and limited access highways. This will keep you off the Interstates and Turnpikes when possible. To our delight we were put on US Route 219. In West Virginia, Rt 219 is known as the Seneca Trail. This is a two lane scenic road, with sections filled with switchbacks that demands a leisurely pace.

    Click here for a link to the General Lewis Inn
    Click here for a link to a a site dedicated to US 219

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