Corvette Road Trip
Traveling America's Roads in America's Sports Car

Maryland to Alaska and Back in a 1994 ZR-1
Part 8
There is a little more traffic today but there was still a lot of open road:

We visited Burwash Landing, Yukon, and parked in front of the World's largest Gold Pan (we had to stop for that):

The road conditions on the Alaska Highway north of Beaver Creek were the most challenging thus far. Built on the permafrost, there were many areas of the road that have to be rebuilt every year. The Canadian maintenance crews do a good job of repairing the road, but the repair leaves large areas that are made of packed crushed rock. They can carry the traffic, but the speed is reduced and there is a lot of dust and opportunities for rock damage:

We stopped for lunch at Buckshot Betty's. The Alaska Highway is home to a lot of characters and people who enjoy the "last frontier" status of north west Canada and Alaska:


After crossing the USA-Canada border, the road is instantly transformed to the nicest road you ever drove on. But after a few miles, the road condition matched that in Canada with many repaired areas:
We arrived in Tok, Alaska, another small town that provides service to drivers on the Alaska Highway.

On Saturday, we left Tok, Alaska for the last day on the Alaska Highway. One of the things that many people told me when I said I was going to drive a ZR-1 to Alaska was that my windshield would get broken. I decided that the possibility was low, I did note that in Tok there is a gift shop that advertises Windshield Repair:

Heading up the Alaska Highway towards Fairbanks, the road was in excellent condition and the traffic was light:

We reached Delta Junction, Alaska which is the official end of the Alaska Highway. The Highway, which was finished in November 1942 as essentially a single lane, dirt road through the most challenging terrain ever attempted, cost $115,000,000 in 1942 dollars. During every day of our trip, I marveled at the dedication and accomplishment of the military and contractor team that toiled through cold and miserable conditions to build the road:

We stopped for a photo under the Alaskan Oil Pipeline where it crosses the Tanana River:

Delta Junction and the road west are on a wide alluvial plain. The high mountains to the south make a beautiful scene:

We passed Eielson Air Force Base, home of these Alaska Air National Guard fighters: