Corvette Road Trip
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Maryland to Alaska and Back in a 1994 ZR-1
Part 11
Here is a view from the our hotel, looking out at the river and Denali Park:

With a great feeling of success, we hoisted a few beers and celebrated two weeks of flawless performance by the Yellow ZR-1.

Hoping that the rain would hold off, we went for a trail ride on some ATV's. Not as powerful as a ZR-1, but much more nimble.

The trails that we rode on are not actually in Denali park, but on old coal mining land that is surrounded by the Park. The views were fantastic:

We rode up the rock field left by a retreating glacier:

On Sunday evening, we went by helicopter up into the Alaska Range Mountains to visit a glacier.


This trip was without a doubt, one of the most impressive things that I have ever done. It is very hard to explain the sheer mass of these mountains, they go on for hundreds of miles. We left the Denali area and headed east:


When we got up into the higher mountains we started to see a lot of glaciers:


There were two helicopters in our group. The pilot selected a glacier that had some interesting features and we landed on the ice:

The surface of a glacier is amazing. We were standing on ice hundreds of feet thick. This particular glacier's movement is measured in feet per day. The surface of the ice was marked with black spots that looked like grains of sand but were really rock dust ground to a ultra-fine powder. There was a lake of melt water that sparkled from the effervescence of trapped gasses released from the ancient, melting ice.

The entire surface of the mountains around the glacier was shattered rock, "waiting" to be transported to the valley below.

The other helo landed across the water from us:

After we were air born again, we saw more glaciers:

On Monday we stayed in the Denali area for a second day. We took an all-day guided bus tour on the only road in Denali National Park. It was a fantastic day. The Park is an amazing place. Because the National Park Service has designed the park with only one road and that road is only accessible to guided bus tours and very limited use by hikers and campers, the wildlife and scenery in the Park is unsurpassed in the park system.